Green Canyon Pangandaran

Almost everyone knows the name of Pangandaran. Sebuat place that has recently become a Tourism District. Naturally, because in this district almost on every side there is a tourist spot. Districts 50% of the area certainly meets the Indian Ocean automated a lot of beaches that can be visited. Located in West Java is located adjacent to Central Java, Pangandaran is not wrong to be a prime tourist spot for the residents of West Java and Central Java.

Green Canyon is one of the favorite destinations in Pangandaran for local and foreign tourists, the Green Canyon Pangandaran Green Canyon which means it is a tourist attraction that presents the natural wonders of Indonesia. Nature tourism was originally also known as Cukang Taneuh located in the village Kertayasa entered the district of Ciamis in West Java Province. Cukang Taneuh itself is Sundanese means Land Bridge. This is because in the Green Canyon Pangandaran there is a land bridge with a width of 3 meters located on the cliff edge of the river. Green Canyon name taken from the name of the Grand Canyon in Colorado, USA. But of course the Green Canyon Pangandaran has its own unique natural landscape is not inferior to the Grand Canyon America.

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