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Elf Luxio

Rental Elf Jabodetabek

Traveling activities should be a fun activity, distance and time are often long gave us space to enjoy every inch of the way, it will present the impression that Takan forgotten that presents a strong memory and creates a feeling they wanted to reminisce on subsequent trips. Surely it must be supported with comfortable amenities, […]

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gedung sate

For the Second Time Bandung Hosts Asia Tourism Forum 2016

For the second time, Indonesia was chosen as the host of the Asian Tourism Forum (ATF). The event, which took place 7-9 May 2016 for the second time was also held at the Institute of Tourism (STP) Bandung, West Java. ATF 2016 is expected to contribute to the world of tourism in general and tourism […]

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Pulau Peucang

Eastern Charm in Ujung Kulon National Park, Peucang Island

East Ujung Kulon National Park there is an island that is attractive to local and foreign tourists. The size is not so wide, but this island offers a natural charm that is so natural. Sandy white beaches are clean too soft. The inside dirimbuni with primary forest intact. Interestingly, tourists who visit here can interact […]

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Fortress Tahula The Magnificent And Full of History

A high cliff looks magnificent stand, which looks just rocks only. In addition, there are heaps of stairs that leads to the historic sites in the city Tidore Island. A historic magnificent building, supposedly loomed just above this solid rock mound. Heat from the sun is quite hot looks bouncing off the cliff wall to […]

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All The Things You Need To Do When Your Luggage Gets Lost

One of the few things that travelers hate would be lost luggage. It’s bad enough that checked luggage are included in the fees, so to lose them is more than a just waste of time. As the years pass by, airlines have implemented stricter rules to ensure that there are fewer (if none at all) […]

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