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Extreme activities that you Try When You Been to Bali

Bali is not only fun for honeymoon or just relax and enjoy the atmosphere of beaches course, many other activities that can be done during a visit to Bali. Starting from cultural tourism, through educational travel. But for people who have excess levels of adrenaline in the blood shall try some extreme activities in Bali. […]

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Interesting Facts Related uniqueness of Bali

Who does not know Bali? No secret that Bali or what is often called the island is indeed one of Indonesia that has worldwide travel, evidenced by the many foreign tourists who come from various countries in the world. Bali is not only famous for its natural beauty amazingly beautiful but also cultural diversity, uniqueness […]

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Coming to 9 this moment Destinations Been to Jogja.

City with a distinctive atmosphere and always left a longing in the hearts of these travelers was never empty of tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists, especially in the days of school holidays, the end of the year, and certain feast days. As a fairly large city on the island of Java, Yogyakarta D.I yaps. […]

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7 Hotels in various countries in the world is going to make you spellbound

Ideally, the hotel is the place to stay while someone was on the way. At the hotel, you can rest while visiting destinations that hits in town. The rapid development of world tourism and promise for every country is now automatically impact the developments in the accommodation, nearly all five-star hotels provide world class facilities […]

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Fraud is common in foreign tourists in various countries in the World

When coming holiday season, tourists crowded tourist destinations. Often it is used by local people to increase profits in the wrong way. Keep in mind that no place is truly safe in this world and the various forms of cheating, fraud and other criminal acts occur all the time in different places. While visiting a […]

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